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Unit 1 of Xekaman 3 Hydropower plant generated electricity again

 - On the morning of May 22, 2022, a ceremony for again electricity generation of unit 1 of xekaman 3 hydropower plant, invested by Viet- Lao Viet Lao Power Joint Stock Company took place in Dak Cheung district, Sekong province, Lao PDR.

Unit 1 of Xekaman 3 Hydropower plant generated  electricity again
Delegates performed the button-pressing ceremony for the generating ceremony of unit 1 of Xekaman 3 Hydropower Plant.

Xekaman 3 Hydropower Plant (HPP) with an installed capacity of 250 MW (2x125 MW), average generation of about 1.0 Billion kWh/year among which 90% exported to Vietnam 10% supplied to Lao domestic consumption and a total investment level of 311 million US$.

Xekaman 3 HPP including Francis turbines with a vertical axis is a starting project for Viet-Lao energy cooperation.

Up to now, Lao HPPs invested by Vietnam – Lao cooperation of Investors as Xekaman 1 (290 MW), Xekaman SanXay (32 MW), Nam Sak HPP group (265 MW)…

In accordance with the Vietnam- Lao bilateral cooperation agreement, EVN expects to import 1.491billionkWh/year and signed PPA from HPPs Nam Kong 2 (66 MW), Nam Kong 3 (54 MW) and Nam Emoun (129 MW).

As the leader in electrical consultancy and design with full capacity and experience, PECC1 is trusted to be responsible for designing a long-term solution for the penstock to ensure permanent safe operation for the power plant.

Recognizing the importance of the project, PECC1 engineers tried their best to find solutions to create the most favorable conditions to meet the requirements of the investors, ensuring the progress of the project in the Covid-19 pandemic complicated development.

Due to the project is a place with complicated geology, the soil layer in many areas has a thickness of over 100 m, the parties agreed on building a new penstock with a total length of 876.58 m.

Technical design documents for treating penstock and upstream excavation of Xekaman 3 HPP were established by PECC1 engineers according to international standards and solutions, including the solution of digging tunnels in the soil in the complex areas as above with the largest digging mirror with a diameter of 8 m.

The technical design documents of PECC1 have been approved and highly agreed by consulting units of the Investors, independent consultants of the Lao government as well as of the Department of Energy Management, Lao Ministry of Energy and Mines.

In recent years, PECC1 has continuously been trusted by investors as well as the Electricity of Vietnam to design the power transmission lines, and modern transformer substations with flexible operation schemes for transferring power electricity from Lao HPPs Xekaman 1,3,4 and Nam Emoun to Vietnam.


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