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Ca Mau province proposed to develop 41 new power projects

 - The Ca Mau Department of Industry and Trade (CMDOIT) has just submitted a document proposing the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) consider Ca Mau province to develop 41 new power projects including 29 onshore, near-shore and offshore wind power projects; 10 gas power and other power projects and 2 wind and solar power projects for hydrogen production.

According to CMDOIT, at present, in Ca Mau only more than 5,000 MW of wind power projects in operation, but in Power Development Planning (PDP) VIII, the target for the wind power development of Ca Mau by 2030 will be up to 27,880 MW.

CMDOIT considered that recently, during the hot weather, in the North a local power shortage happened and it is facing excess power, but a lack of electricity. This happened because the power grid has not been fully and synchronously invested to ensure transmission requirements. In addition, the State only encourages investment in power plants to supply electricity locally, limiting transmission to long distances to reduce losses.

The load centers are concentrated in the Central and Northern regions, but the power produced in these areas cannot keep up with load demand. While, the South has a lot of potential for developing power plants, especially renewable energy and green energy projects, it is far from load centers. In addition, the power sector is facing a rapid decline in domestic fuel/primary energy for large power projects. The viewpoint is to improve the autonomy of the electricity sector and reduce dependence on imported fuel, so a big issue arises is to produce new energy projects.

With the great potential for renewable energy projects (onshore wind power projects will be 221,000 MW, offshore wind power projects - 600,000 MW).

According to PDP VIII, it is estimated that offshore wind power projects for producing new energy will be about 15,000 MW by 2035 and about 240,000 MW by 2050.

To quickly implement the roadmap of this transformation, there needs to be more mechanisms for off-grid electricity production and new energy production mechanisms (on prices and markets) to stimulate forms of investment. Typically in Ca Mau, with very large renewable energy projects as wind power projects are about 12,018 MW, solar power projects - are about 2,846 MW. However, according to information on the PDP VIII Implementation plan, the grid-connected power capacity allowed for implementation in Ca Mau is only about 1,200 MW and among them, nearly 1,000 MW are transitional projects and increase capacity is very small compared to the potential.

CMDOIT said that many investors came to Ca Mau province to evaluate renewable energy potential to propose implementing the new energy production projects (green hydrogen and green ammonia). There are many investors and abundant potential, but the mechanism is limited and cannot keep up with development planning trends.

In addition, electricity export has been mentioned in PDP VIII, with a roadmap to strive for electricity export of about 5,000 - 10,000 MW by 2030. In assessments, the coastal areas of Ca Mau province and neighboring provinces have many advantages for producing renewable energy electricity for export.

From the above issues, CMDOIT proposes to the MOIT the following contents:

Firstly: Early completion and issuing of the Plan for implementing PDP VIII to create favorable conditions for investors to implement projects. Among these is to consider balance to distribute the capacities between high load areas and high potential areas.

Secondly: consider Ca Mau province to develop an additional 41 new projects. Among them 29 onshore, near-shore, and offshore wind power projects (total capacity of 7,712 MW); 10 gas power projects and other power projects (total capacity of 11,934 MW); The wind power and solar power not connected to the grid for producing hydrogen and exporting electricity (total capacity 4,950 - 11,450 MW). The Hydrogen production plants with a total capacity of 82,248 tons/year).

Thirdly: Propose the relevant ministries and agencies to research and promulgate additional regulations on developing renewable energy and new energy, especially off-grid (self-use) renewable energy for producing or exporting. In particular, the clear and synchronous regulations between investment items.


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