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EVN proposed to assign the state corporations for pilot investment in the offshore wind power project

 - In the report to the National Steering Committee for Electricity Development, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) proposed a mechanism to assign state corporations for the pilot investment in offshore wind power projects (There is reason to invest in the areas related to the national security, new technology and complex construction). On the experience basis, the Government should direct to establish a mechanism to select investors in the form of socialization.

In the report to the National Steering Committee on Electricity Development, EVN also gave additional comments to the Power Development Planning VIII with reducing capacity of Quang Tri 1 Thermal Power Project (TPP) from 1.403 MW (2x701.5) to 1.200 MW. The capacities of coal and LNG TPPs would be concretely in stage of establishing the projects with a limited capacity sphere ±20% instead of ±10% approved in PDP.

EVN also proposed that to ensure safe and stable operation of the power system in the case of high increasing rate of renewable energy projects, it is to increase capacity of the battery stage (BESS) from 0 (in PDP) to 1.000 MW by 2025 and from 50 (in PDP) to 3000 MW by 2030.

For electricity supply in coming years, EVN proposed the Government to direct Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to allow pilot investing about 100 MW of BESS in Northern region for covering peak load.

EVN expressed its view point to the transition solar and wind power projects signed PPAs that would participate electricity market and be liquidated by the spot electricity market price and not exceeding the framework of electricitygeneration of the correlative power plants approved by MOIT.

In the long-term period, EVN proposed to apply the bidding mechanism by two steps:

Step 1: Selecting an investor in accordance with the new Law on Investment with a decision on investment policy with a certain term. After the stipulated time, if the investor does not implement the project, the competent state agency has the right to take back the project and hand it over to another investor.

Step 2: Investors are selected to participate in the electricity market, or participate in bidding for signing PPA and developing the project; The bidding organization is MOIT.

EVN proposed MOIT should early submit to the Government for promulgating the mechanisms on developing the renewable energy projects and supplementing these projects in PDP for the Northern region to ensure the electricity supply of this region in next coming years.

EVN also proposed the mechanisms on developing rooftop solar power projects in the Northern region with an aim of self-consumption for on-site load demand (not sold to the grid).


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