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GE supports wind power development in the West Plateau, Vietnam

 - In Hanoi, GE Power & Water under the General Electric Co – GE (U.S) has signed a MoU on cooperation with HBRE Wind Power (U.K) in promoting development of wind power project in in the West Plateau, Vietnam.

According to the MoU, GE Power & Water will support HBRE to survey and measure wind, optimize site levelling and consider the possibility of wind turbine election.

Besides, GE also makes consultations on the wind turbine type suitable to the location of the project. GE will: support HBRE in developing electrical designs in accordance with the exact standards, support discussing financial arrangements, as well as exchanging with other concerning sides in order to accelerate progress of the project. GE undertakes to provide services to maintain and operate the wind turbines for a long time according to the agreement of both sides.

Wind power project in the West Plateau will be located in Ea H'Leo district, (Dak Lak province),one of the locations  with the best wind energy in Vietnam, where the average steady and evenly distributed velocity of the wind is 7.6 meters per second.

HBRE is a company operating in various fields including real estate, construction, waste treatment and energy, assigned by Dak Lak province the right to develop wind power projects in Dile Yang.

In 2009, GE invested a factory for manufacturing wind turbine component parts in Haiphong. Up to now, GE’s electrical equipment has provided an over 2,000MW power capacity, equivalent to around 7% of total power capacity of Vietnam.

Wind power project in West Plateau is a new step of GE, following the 52 wind turbines project in Bac Lieu province.


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