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Approving the Project “Wind Power Development in Vietnam”

 - The Prime Minister has approved the Project “Wind Power Development in Vietnam” with ODA fund of German Government.


The main objective of the Project is to support the development of wind power technology and exploitation of wind energy potential; data base establishment, wind energy planning at the local and national level; enhancing capacities at all levels and sectors in construction, project management and investment of wind power development.

The main activities and results of the project consist of 3 components: i) the wind measure program and wind potential assessment based on wind measure data, ii) assistance to establish several pre-feasibility study reports and feasibility study reports of wind power project development, and iii)  assistance to establish and perfect the wind power development planning on national and  local levels.

The project has been carried out in 4 years (2014-2018) with a total investment of €3.7 million, among which €3.6 million from the grant fund of German Government (through   Reconstruction Credit Institute - KfW) and  €100,000 from counterpart fund of Vietnam side (arranged by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) within the annual budget).

The Prime Minister assigned MoIT to arrange counterpart fund fairly to the commitment for ensuring the project implementation in a right rate of progress, appreciating and approving project documents by the prescribed provisions.


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