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Germany will support Vietnam in studying wind power development

 - At the seminar on the link of Vietnam - Germany wind power partners in Hanoi on May 18, 2016, it was informed that Germany will give financial support for three projects on Vietnam-Germany cooperation in studying wind power development in Vietnam, selected from the “Support to expand the scale of wind power” program.

Each project could be financed from EUR 50,000 to 100,000 within a 2.5 year maximum period since Dec. 2016.

Mr. Peter Cattelaens – the manager of “Support to expand the scale of wind power” program says that calling upon cooperation to study will be informed after this event on the link of the partners.

The “Support to expand the scale of wind power” program (DKTI) is a German Government technical support one to assist the Vietnamese Government to effectively develop and apply wind energy for socio-economic development.

The total expenditure of the program is EUR 6,900,000 funded by GIZ under mandate of The Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany (BMZ) within the framework of the “German Climate Technology Innovation” program.

The link of Vietnam-Germany wind power researches is an activity under Vietnam-Germany wind power study cooperation innovation program with an aim to promote the cooperation between Vietnam and German partners in studying wind power development with ensured quantity and quality.

At the present wind power development in Vietnam is still at a beginning stage, so the technological and economical study in this aspect plays a very important role to ensure the comprehensive development of the sector in the future.  

Vietnam-Germany study cooperation innovation has been designed to speed up investment to wind power development and create favorable conditions for wind power projects to be successfully synchronized with the power system of Vietnam.

Study cooperation should link the German wind power experienced researchers and experts with an young and very promising future market as Vietnam



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