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Hanoi issued a Plan on the renewable energy development

 - The People's Committee of Hanoi has just issued the Plan No. 50/KH-UBND dated March 1, 2021, on developing renewable energy in the city to 2021 with a goal to increase 15 MWp of the rooftop solar power projects (average capacity of 0.5 MWp per a district) and develop 75 MW of waste –to - energy projects.


To achieve the above results, the Hanoi City People Committee will implement  4 solution groups:

Firstly: Speeding up the propaganda to promote public awareness about the benefits and necessity of developing waste-to-energy and solar power projects in Hanoi city.

Secondly: The Hanoi City People's Committee will choose modern, high efficient waste treatment technology for developing waste-to-energy projects, and high quality solar panels and inverters with energy storage systems for the rooftop solar power projects.

Thirdly: Directing to research, propose promulgating and applying the specific mechanism to encourage, support and promote the solar power development; research and develop  regulations on installing the rooftop solar power systems for projects using budget funds to invest in new constructing, upgrading and renovating the headquarters of agencies, sectors, People's Committees at all levels, ward police, medical stations, schools ... to promote renewable energy  development.

Fourthly: Speeding up international cooperation, taking advantage of the supportive resources from international organizations to invest in and develop solar and waste-to-energy power projects; strengthening international cooperation in training and capacity building for staff working in the renewable energy development through direct investment forms, scientific seminars, and researching to construct standard conformity laboratory.

Through the above solutions, the Hanoi City People’s Committee will issue and apply its specific mechanisms to encourage, support and promote the solar power development and develop regulations on installing rooftop solar systems for the projects using state budget funds to promote renewable energy development.



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