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Putting into the test operation the rooftop solar power foundation EVNSOLAR

 - In the city. Ho Chi Minh City, the Electricity of (EVN) has put into the test operation the rooftop solar power foundation EVNSOLAR to promote the rooftop solar power development in Vietnam.

In recent years, the Government's policies on encouraging the renewable energy development, including solar power projects (SPPs) in general and rooftop solar power projects (RSPPs) in particular, have created the rapid RSPPs development.

To early September 2020, in the whole country there are about 50,000 RSPPs with a total capacity of nearly 1,200 MWp in operation.

The Ceremony for announcing the EVNSOLAR.

Vietnam has the very large potential for RSPP development. Millions roofs of the households, offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, commercial centers, factories in industrial zones… are able to be installed RSPPs the in the coming time.

In order to contribute to promoting RSPP installation and to creating RSPP market in Vietnam with the high standards on quality and efficiency in the coming time, EVN organized a ceremony for announcing the rooftop solar power foundation with a name of EVNSOLAR.

EVNSOLAR foundation was initially built on the website to provide the comprehensive solutions for them wishing to install RSPPs. With this EVNSOLAR, customers can easily connect with the reputable contractors for RSPP installation with reasonable costs, with the banks and financial institutions providing credit support solutions for RSPP investment.

The contractors participating in the EVNSOLAR must commit to the quality of products and services. For each project after completion, the contractor will complete the detailed completion document (Solar Quality Passport) based on the sample document according to the evaluation standards of Germany. Through this set of documents, the investors can assess the quality of the completed projects. In addition, after completing the project, each investor will be given an account for feeding back and assessing product quality and service of contractors.

Information for sharing the experiences in RSPP development, the ability to find smart contractors, the functions to quote prices from many contractors, to assess contractors after the project completion is very important to help RSPP investors easy to find, refer and decide.

In the coming time, the EVNSOLAR will continue to be developed on mobile equipment, tools, utilities and technologies will continue to be added and improved to help more connect and interact among users.

Putting into operation and developing the EVNSOLAR, once again affirm that EVN always supports, accompanies and creates maximum conditions for developing renewable energy in general and rooftop solar power in particular, contributing to environmental protection and bringing benefits to the society in accordance with the guidelines and policies of the Party and Government.



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