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The Government conclusions on finalizing the Power Development Planning VIII

 - The Government Office has just announced the conclusion of Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh at an online conference with localities on finalizing the National Power Development Planning for the period 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2045 (PDP VIII).
The Government conclusions on finalizing the Power Development Planning VIII

The notice clearly stated that PDP VIII is particularly important planning in the system of national sector planning projects implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) according to the planning task approved by the Prime Minister (PM) in Decision No. 1264/QD-TTg dated October 1, 2019. This is a national sector planning project that received special attention, many recommendations, and contributions from localities throughout the country during the process of implementation and finalization of PDP VIII in direction of PM.

The conference basically agreed on the total capacity of about 146,000 MW for the National Power System by 2030 with the structure of different types of power sources as reported by MOIT. This scale will fully meet the maximum load capacity demand forecasted as about 93,300 MW by 2030, with a reasonable level of power reserve margins in the national and regional power systems. This result clearly shows more reasonableness and superiority compared to the figure submitted by MOIT to PM in March 2021 with reducing the maximum capacity for 35.000 MW and power grid amount of 220 kV and 500 kV for 2,000 Km contributes to investment capital decrease to the power sector in a period of 2021-2030.

In the long-term to 2045, the Conference basically agreed on the common determination to implement international commitments of Vietnam at COP26, to bring net-zero emissions to by 2050. For implementing this target, the power sector will focus on green, clean energy transition, minimize CO2 emissions and expect a total capacity of 400,000 MW for the National Power System by 2045.

The Deputy Prime Minister assigned the MOIT to study and absorb the opinions of localities at the Conference to finalize PDP VIII, and expeditiously complete its appraisal and approval procedures.

The Deputy Prime Minister also asked MOIT to pay attention to the review and implement the direction conclusions of the Standing Government in Circulars No 92/TB-VPCP dated March 31, 2022 of Government Office, which must be clear the criteria for defining the important projects with a priority in each period for arranging development spaces in regions, localities to ensure transparency and effectiveness.

At the same time, MOIT must review synchronous developing power plants and power transmission grids and define the list of the important projects prioritized in each period, especially in periods 2021-2025; 2026-2030 in accordance with the criteria proposed in PDP VIII and study to receive the opinions of relevant ministries, agencies and direction opinion of PM for finalizing the tasks and solutions to manage the National Power Planning in a draft of Decision for approving PDP VIII with ensuring the legal regulations.

On other hand, MOIT must study and receive concrete opinions of the localities on problems, inadequacies on the recent power development for directing to development, finalize the relevant mechanisms, policies to ensure sustainable and transparent power development with healthy competition, efficiency, and timely report the issues beyond the authority.

The DPM asked MOIT to hurry up finalize PDP VIII according to regulations and deploy the procedures for organizing the Appraisal Council Meeting before April 25 2022


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