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EVN proposes 'rapid development' of wind, solar projects, and storage systems in the Northern Region

 - The Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has just proposed to the Government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to make the mechanisms for rapidly developing renewable energy projects in the Northern region to avoid the risk of electricity shortage in the near future.

According to this proposal, by 2025, about 5,500 MW of renewable energy projects will be put into operation (including wind power with a capacity of 4,000 MW and solar power with a capacity of about 1,500 MW, together with the appropriate storage systems for meeting demand capacity during peak hours).

In recent days, information about the shortage of coal for power production has been attracting public attention, especially in the Northern Region in the hot season with a strong electricity demand increase as the annual laws. Besides, the strong growth in rehabilitating the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic rolled back also put great pressure on the electricity supply guarantee. EVN calculation showed in 2022 the electricity demands in Central and Southern Regions will be sufficiently supplied but the Northern region may be short of the peak capacity. At present, the demand of the North occupies about 50% of the whole country system due to power plants supplementing mainly by RE projects in the Center and South and power cannot transmit from these regions to the North due to a technical limit of 500 kV lines.

It is shown that the coal supply for electricity generation faces many difficulties, for example, at the end of March 2022, the whole national power system was short of coal thermal power plants with a capacity of up to 3,000 MW.

EVN proposes to make rapid mechanisms for rapid development of RE projects in the Northern Region for avoiding the risk of electricity shortage The EVN proposal is to put into operation 2025 wind power projects with a capacity of 4,000 and solar power projects with a capacity of about 1,500 MW together with the energy appropriate storage systems. EVN also proposes to stimulate the rooftop solar power projects for self-use loads (no sale to the power grid) and suggests the Government, Ministries, and Agencies consider supplementing Power Development Planning (PDP) and allow EVN to deploy investment in offshore wind power projects in Northern Region for speeding up electricity supply this region.

EVN considers that the Northern Region faces many difficulties in developing power plants, the proposal on rapid developing RE projects in this region is an appropriate solution and strictly follows the guidelines of the Party and the Government on stimulating RE development as well as implementing commitments of Vietnam in COP26.


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