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Forming the detailed progress plans for the Quang Trach-Pho Noi 500kV line project

 - At the meeting on the status of implementing investment in the third circuit of the Quang Trach-Pho Noi 500 kV line project, on the afternoon of October 23 at the Government Headquarters, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Tran Hong Ha requested the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to strictly implement detained plans and critical paths for implementing the project progress in accordance with the Prime Minister's direction (at Document No. 745/TTg-CN dated August 15, 2023).

According to The Electricity of Vietnam (EVN): The third circuit of the 500kV line (from Quang Trach, Quang Binh to Pho Noi, Hung Yen) includes 4 components as Quang Trach - Quynh Luu, Quynh Luu - Thanh Hoa, Thanh Hoa - Nam Dinh 1 and Nam Dinh 1 - Pho Noi.

Currently, the localities where this line passes through are closely coordinating with ministries and central agencies to complete additional procedures and clarify documents on policies to change use purposes and preserve forests, ensuring the compatibility of projects with local land use planning.

Currently, EVN and the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) are completing documents to ensure progress in approving the Report of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as soon as the Prime Minister approves the investment policy. On the other hand, complete the Feasibility Study Report of the projects to submit to the competent authority for appraisal and approval immediately after the investment policy and EIA are approved.

Concluding the meeting, the DPM Tran Hong Ha clearly stated the reasons and responsibilities of each ministry, agency and locality for the slow progress in the investment implementation process of 500 kV line project components.

Because there are no detailed plans, inspection, urging, or reporting and has not yet fully anticipated the shortcomings and difficulties in practice, etc.

Therefore, MOIT urgently makes specific plans and critical paths for the progress of implementation of these components (in terms of time, items, authority and responsible agency...) in accordance with the direction of the Prime Minister and to report to the Prime Minister before October 30.

The DPM requested ministries, agencies and localities to urgently deploy preparation steps in parallel to start project components as soon as possible.

On the basis of the draft detailed design, localities with passing project components urgently determine boundaries to adjust and supplement land use planning for energy. Along with that, closely coordinate with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to quickly complete procedures to submit to the Prime Minister for approval of the policy of converting forest use purposes for the project. The Ministry of Planning and Investment must necessary to quickly synthesize, complete, and appraise the project components to submit to the Prime Minister for approval or adjust the investment policy of the project components after approving the policy of converting forest use purposes.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment must immediately complete the EIA for the project.

MOIT, EVN and EVNNPT need to urgently approve the technical designs of the project components as a basis for selecting contractors and procurement and coordinate with localities to carry out counting, compensation, site clearance...

Finally, DPM noted that MOIT, EVN, and State Capital Management Committee at Enterprises must coordinate closely with localities and police forces to ensure people's rights during the compensation and site clearance process, as well as ensure safety, security and order throughout the project implementation process.


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