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Signing EPC contract for Na Duong 2 Thermal Power Project

 - On the morning of December 28, 2023 in Hanoi, the joint venture contractor Construction Corporation No. 1 - JSC (CC1) - DR.AZ Group Co., Ltd. (DR China) and subcontractors officially signed an EPC contract for Na Duong 2 Thermal Power Project (by the Investor as Vinacomin Electricity Corporation - Joint Stock Company).
Signing EPC contract for Na Duong 2 Thermal Power Project
Signing Ceremony.

Na Duong 2 Thermal Power Project is invested in Loc Binh district, Lang Son province with a capacity of 110 MW, including 1 unit, using a CFB boiler, 1 turbine, and 1 generator with operating hours of about 6,500 hours/year. The above bidding package costs nearly 3,315 billion VND, the main content of the bidding package is:

- Survey, design, manufacture, supply, transport, deliver, and unload at the construction site.

- Insurance, construction, installation, inspection, testing, adjustment, acceptance, trial run, training and technology transferring.

- Ensuring all project/materials and equipment for the project.

The contract implementation period will be 30 months with the package selection contract.

After more than a month of focus negotiations in Hanoi, CC1 and its joint venture partner DR Consortium in combination with subcontractors have made efforts to find many options to optimize techniques and costs for the investor. Preparing bid documents and negotiating contracts is extremely difficult and stressful. However, with the determination of the joint venture members and subcontractors and the support from the investor, the CC1-DR joint venture finally surpassed two other international contractor groups to officially be selected to sign a contract for the project implementation.

Among them CC1, as the joint venture leader, with an 85% proportion of the project.

Representing the CC1 - DR contractor consortium speaking at the signing ceremony, CC1 General Director Le Bao Anh shared that the total time for survey, design, installation, test run, operation, and handover In just 30 months (shorter than a project of similar scale), with optimized costs, this is a big challenge for the contractor consortium. However, with the spirit of determination and a professional working attitude, CC1 and the members of the contractor consortium committed to making efforts to complete the project on schedule, ensuring quality, labor safety and the environment at the project, contributing to helping investor successfully carry out investment tasks on schedule.


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