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Dak Lak province approves 18 investors to set up solar power projects

 - Today, Dak Lak province has identified the locations, adjusted the capacities and increased the number of solar power projects to numeral 18, occupying an area of 7,494 ha. The most of this area is poorer land, with not effective agricultural and forestry production in Ea Sup, Buon Don, Krong Bong districts…

According to Vietnam News Agency, recent time, there were in Dak Lak around 40 investors interesting in study and survey to set up the proposals for solar power projects with a total capacity of 14,000 MW. 

Based on the financial ability, experience of the investors, Dak Lak province authority has approved 18 investors for surveying and setting up the solar power projects, among which there are 4 projects as: the project from Ninh Binh Xuan Thien company Ltd. with a total capacity of 2000 MW and a total investment of US$ 2.2 billion; the project from Long Thanh joint stock infrastructure investment and development company with a capacity of 250 MW, investment of VND 7,025 billion; the project from AES (United States) with a capacity of 300-500 MW and an investment of VND 16,875 billion; and the project from TH True Milk group.

From 4 above projects there are 2 projects Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) have submitted to Prime Minister for approval and 2 projects MOIT is appraising before submitting to the Prime Minister for approval. 

According to the survey documents on solar radiation  and map of solar energy potential in Vietnam made by Vietnam Energy Agency and Spanish Development Cooperation Agency (AECID), Dak Lak is a location with very high solar energy potential of 95 GWh/year and average solar radiation of 5 kWh/m2/day.

In the project on the solar power development planning in Dak Lak province to 2020 and outlook up to 2030 made by Institute of Energy, it is expected that in Dak Lak will be operated 30 solar power projects with a total capacity of 1,928 MW to 2020 and 13 projects with a total capacity of 9,810 MW to 2030.         

Source: VNA


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