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Solis Contributes to Development of Renewable Energy in Vietnam

 - The October 27-28 Solar Show Vietnam 2022, which was held in the Adora center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, successfully completed. Exhibitors on hand were given a visual feast of the intelligent hybrid inverters by Solis, one of the world’s largest and most experienced solar inverter manufacturers in the world, offering professional solutions for the development of photovoltaic (PV) in Vietnam.

Vietnam is actively exploring the development and utilization of renewable energy due to its favorable light conditions and strong demand for electricity. It is reported that the share of renewable energy in total primary energy sales will reach 32% by 2030 and 44% by 2050, with an expected PV construction capacity of 8,751 MW. Solis presented the intelligent solutions that have been widely recognized by customers for its efficiency, high security and convenient operation and maintenance aiming at rapidly growing PV market in Vietnam.

Energy storage system, as a key technical support for new power systems, can significantly improve the power regulation and capabilities of safety assurance. Solis showcased the S5-EH1P(3-6)K-L energy storage inverter with grid friendly, high efficiency, fast response time, high safety and low losses to reduce energy cost and bring higher return on investment (ROI) for Vietnam’s customers.

Solis Contributes to Development of Renewable Energy in Vietnam

In addition, the two best-selling models, S5-GC(100-125)K and Solis-(215-255)K-EHV-5G brought by Solis, both of which are three-phase string inverters. Among them, Solis-(215-255)K-EHV-5G,which have a max. efficiency of 99%, >150%DC/AC ratio, supports compatibility with high power and bifacial modules and offers an anti-PID function to improve system efficiency. And high-precision intelligent strings monitoring of Solis equipped with in the whole process, which can reduces fault location time.

Nguyen Quang Tu, Solis Business Development Manager for Vietnam, said, ‘Solis was capable of supporting the development of renewable energy in Vietnam with products that will benefit the market and customers from Vietnam, thus supporting the goal of a green and sustainable development in the region’.

In the future, Solis will continue to follow its corporate vision of ‘Developing technology to power the world with clean energy’, with technological innovation as the core driver to provide better products and solutions to our customers worldwide, and to continue its efforts to insist on green energy development to adhere to the goal of carbon neutrality.

About Ginlong (Solis) Technologies

Established in 2005, Ginlong (Solis) Technology Corporation (Stock Code: 300763. SZ) is one of the world’s largest and most experienced solar inverter manufacturers. The company provides cost-effective solutions for homes, businesses, and large-scale power plants delivering value at every level of the solar supply chain and appealing to both homeowners and businesses, as well as electricity producers and renewable energy investors globally. Combining a global supply chain with world-class R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Ginlong optimizes Solis inverters for each regional market, serving and supporting its customers with a team of local experts. The company aims to work with stakeholders to accelerate the world's journey towards a more sustainable future.

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