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Approving the content of PDP VIII

 - The Prime Minister has approved the content of the project on the National Power Development Planning in 2021 – 2030 period with a vision up to 2045 (PDP VIII).


The main content of PDP VIII includes development planning of power plants and power transmission grids with the voltage from 220 kV up in the territory of Vietnam (including the interconnected power grids with the neighboring countries) in 2021 – 2030 with a vision up to 2045.

The objectives of PDP VIII:

1. Forecasting the power demand in 2021 - 2030 period  with an outlook to 2045.

2. Studying options for developing power plants and grids; selecting the good economic-technical and high feasible power projects to ensure safe and reliable power supply for socio-economic development and   national defense security of the country.

3. Assessing the environmental impacts and preparing the strategic environmental reports in the power development.

4. Studying and proposing the major solutions on the mechanisms and policies for development of the power sector, organizing the implementation of PDP to ensure the sustainable development of the power sector.

 The PDP VIII must be established on the following principles:

1. Ensuring a balanced development among the regions, and between the power supply and power demand.

2. Prioritizing the rational development for the power projects from the renewable energy.

3.  Efficiently and Economically using electricity.

4. Developing the modern and smart power grids, and interconnected power grids with neighboring countries.

5.  Developing the electricity market and encouraging all economic sectors to invest in power development.

6. Developing power sector to adapt to climate change, to ensure a sustainable development and suitable with the national strategy on green growth.

The term for implementing PDP VIII is fixed within 12 months since complete electing the consultant.



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