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Dak Nong province to develop the rooftop solar power projects

 - The Decision No13/2020 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on mechanisms to encourage developing solar power in Vietnam (Decision 13 for short), effective from May 22, 2020 (replacing Decision 11/2017 / QD-TTg expired on June 30, 2019) made motive power for many businesses and households to complete installing the solar power systems previously connected to the national power system.


This policy also helps customers in Dak Nong province who want to install the system no longer "worry" about the electricity price of the rooftop solar power projects.

The Rooftop solar power projects have many advantages such as low investment costs, use no land area, connection to low and medium voltage grids so no need investment in the transmission grid system …

Up to now The Dak Nong Power Company has received for the survey and agreement on connecting rooftop solar power projects with a total capacity of 112 MWp for more than 200 customers, among them there were 105 customers with a total capacity of 37.403 MWp checked and taken over and powered (36 customers with an installed capacity of about 1MWp/project connected to medium voltage grid). 

Through the practice of using rooftop solar power projects, many customers realized the efficiency by using natural energy resources, both cost-saving and environmentally friendly. With the model of combination of animal breed farms and taking advantage of the roofs to make solar power. The rooftop solar power systems with an installed capacity of nearly 900 kWp/system, which connected to the grid before June 30, 2019 were invested by tens of billion dong.

In order to encourage and create favorable conditions for customers to install rooftop solar power systems, in addition to the guiding documents and guidelines of EVN, EVNCPC, Dak Nong Power Company always implements propaganda for encouraging all organizations and individuals to participate investment in rooftop solar power projects with the public, transparent, and equal conditions resolved by order until when the power grid in the area can release power capacity.

It can be said that the rooftop solar power is a relatively new concept for many people in the Central Highlands. But thanks to the propaganda and guidance of the electricity industry, the awareness of many people, organizations and businesses has changed. Therefore, the number of customers registering for rooftop solar power is increasing day by day in Dak Nong province. 

To strengthen developing rooftop solar power systems will be an important driving force to compensate the power shortage for production, daily life and socio-economic development of the country.




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