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The achievements and technical manageable targets of EVN

 - The inform from the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) said, in the recent years, the technical manageable assignments of EVN has achieved remarkable achievements, making an important contribution to improving the quality and reliability of power supply, in accordant with the power system with a largest installed capacity in Southeast Asia and 23rd in the world.

EVN has operated safely, continuously and stably the national power system, meeting the requirements of electricity supply in the whole country. The various types of power plants have been effectively exploited, in which, hydropower output in the last 5 years has increased by an average of 4%/year.

In particular, the ability to manage and operate the power system has been increasingly improved in the condition of the high rate of renewable energy projects. Availability, reliability, response factors of power units/power plants improved and the most of them achieved and reached the better than the technical criteria approved by EVN's Member Council in the period of 2021. - 2025.

The reliability of the distribution electricity networks in the 5 Power Corporations all achieved the plan assigned by EVN. The units of EVN promoted innovation in power grid repair and maintenance by CBM and Hotline technologies, contributing to ensuring safety, reducing breakdowns and limiting the electricity supply interruption/reduction for the customers.

EVN has promoted to apply the achievements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and implemented digital transition in operation of the power system. Notably, the power loss rate of EVN in 2022 was the lowest ever as 6.25%. This is the basis forward to reduce power loss to 6% by 2025.

However, besides the achievements, there were still shortcomings in the technical management in 2022.

Typically, the fuel supply in 2022 first months not yet satisfied the operating requirements of power plants. The heat loss rate of coal-fired power plants was still high; The major repair work, management of materials and equipment and repair of damage to the unit after the incident still revealed many limitations, and problems still occurred due to subjective errors in operation management, equipment repair and maintenance...

The basic objectives of EVN's technical management in the coming time should be a safe, efficient operation and environmental protection. Among them "safety" includes safety for people and safety in operation; "efficiency" in operation, maintenance and repair, improving labor productivity; ''environmental guarantee'' is ensuring the technical indicators related to gas, liquid and solid emissions within the allowable thresholds according to standards promulgated by competent state agencies.

The technical management must have the criteria associated with the prevention of occupational accidents caused by the subjective reasons, reduce the annual breakdowns from 50% compared to the preceding year and increase the availability factor of power plants.

At the same time, ensure the quality of customer service, focus on the criteria to evaluate service quality from the customer's point of view.

To achieve the above objectives, EVN will focus on implementing the specific solutions to achieve safe operation objectives; improving efficiency in the fuel management, optimal operation of the power plant and grid systems and the equipment maintenance by the new methods such as RCM, CBM; promote the initiative and technical improvement and ensuring the environment.


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