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The Prime Minister's opinion on reviewing wind power projects, appraisal for which has been completed

 - The Prime Minister (PM) has just issued Document No. 196 / TTg-CN dated February 18, 2021 to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) on reporting the reviewing results of the wind power projects, appraisal for which has been completed.


Accordingly, based on the reports and proposals of the MOIT in Official Documents No. 7201/BCT-ĐL dated 25/9/2020, No. 7408/BCT-ĐL dated 2/10/2020, No. 10052/BCT- ĐT dated 28/12/2020 on the list of the reviewed wind power projects under the direction of the PM along with the opinions of the Central Economic Committee, the Economic Committee of the National Assembly and MOIT (in Official Document No. 10164/ BCT-ĐL dated 30/12/2020)on supplementing Ky Anh MK wind power project in Ha Tinh province to the national power  development planning (PDP),  the PM has following opinions:

Firstly: The report of MOIT shows that the capacity of the wind power projects added to PDP VII (adjusted) is already high as of 11,800 MW, among which only 538 MW was put into operation by the end of 2020, while about 11,262 MW is being deployed. Therefore, it is not to consider to supplement the projects proposed by MOIT to PDP VII (adjusted) but included them to  the national PDP VIII in the period 2021 – 2030 with a vision up to 2045.

Secondly: The Ministry of Industry and Trade must urgently report to PM the project of PDP VIII according to the assigned tasks in the Government's Resolution No. 01 / NQ-CP dated 01/01/2021. The PDP VIII content must ensure the close and scientific results with a structure of the power generation suitable with the national energy development guidelines, orientations and the supply capability of primary energy sources in each period, while ensuring safety and stability and the best effect for the country.


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