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WB supports Vietnam to develop power grids for connecting the SPP to the national power system

 - On the afternoon of February 21, at the Government office, the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc received Mr. Makhtar Diop, Vice President of the World Bank (WB) in charge of infrastructure. At the receiption, Mr. Makhtar Diop informed: ”WB is ready to support Electricity Of Vietnam (EVN) for developing power grids, especially grids for connecting solar power systems to the national power system.

WB Vice President thanked Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc for taking the time to receive him and his colleges, and pointed out that WB team had the very good and effective working meetings with the relevant agencies of Vietnam. He congratulated Vietnam for its impressive achievements in economic growth as well as ensuring social security, not increasing inequality in society.

Many countries really want to learn about the experience of Vietnam when successfully transferred from a low-income country to an average income, while ensuring macroeconomic stability and social stability. It is something that not every country can do.

WB wishes to share Vietnam's experiences especially that in infrastructure development and the other essential issues with other countries. WB is ready to cooperate with and support Vietnam in the development progress, and also would like Vietnam to continue playing an important role in regional development.

WB Vice President high appreciated Vietnam in development of power sector in recent years. He also foresees the difficulties and challenges that Vietnam power sector should face in coming time and affirms WB willing to support Vietnam in energy development, especially in developing power grids for connecting the solar power projects to national power system.

The Prime Minister expressed thanks for WB for always supporting Vietnam in the infrastructure, energy, mining, transport, financial and digital technic development in recent period.

Prime Minister emphasizes that, in next period, Vietnam will need a very large demand for investment development, so we would like WB to continuously support us in essential development  aspects as the clean energy (wind, solar power), infrastructure, capital mobilizing  for energy development, promoting the institutional improvement for public-private partnership (PPP) investment...

According to the Prime Minister, the infrastructure development in Vietnam is very urgent issue, while the investment capital mobilization does not meet the demand. Therefore, Vietnam hopes the World Bank to closely cooperate, make technical assistance as well as supplement the essential resources for it to develop the country.



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