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Cam Lam Vietnam SPP has been added into the Power Development Planning of Khanh Hoa province

 - The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has approved additionally the Cam Lam Vietnam Solar Power Project (SPP) into Khanh Hoa Power Development Planning in 2016-2025 period, with an outlook up to 2035. The Project has a capacity of 50 MW.

The 50MW Project is invested by Cam Lam Solar Power Company, developed on an area of 75ha in Cam An Bac commune, Cam Lam district, and expected to be in operation by 2019.

The MOIT required investors to be responsible for mobilizing capital, implementing items added to the planning in accordance with schedule, ensuring safe electricity supply, and also for the investment efficiency of the project and complying with the mechanism of electricity tariffs for solar energy stipulated by the Prime Minister.

The MOIT also asked Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee (PPC) to be responsible for identifying and updating the land use need of the project in adjusting project on the land use planning  of the province to 2020 with an approval of the competent authorities; allocating land fund for developing the SPP, and transformer substation with synchronous electricity connected grid;  The provincial Industry and Trade Department to take responsibility to monitor, inspect and report on the implementation situation of electricity projects that have been approved for adjustment.

Khanh Hoa is a province located in South Central Coast with an annual average temperature of 26.70C, medium intensity of solar radiation of 5kWh/m2. Especially, Cam Ranh city, where the solar radiation reaches up to 5.34kWh/m2/day, is an area favorable a lot for solar power development.


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