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The wind and solar power sources will reach over 20,000MW by 2025

 - According to forecasts, the wind and solar power sources in Vietnam will increase sharply in the period of 2021-2023 to compensate for the electricity shortage due to delayed thermal power projects and By 2025, the total capacity of these sources will reach over 20,000 MW.


According to the report of the National Steering Committee on Power Development Planning (PDP), a total capacity of SPPs is expected to reach 14,450 MW by 2025 and 20,050 MW by 2030. As accounting, up to now, 10,300 MW of solar power has been added to PDP, so to achieve the planned goal, about 4000 MW need to be added in 2021-2025 period and about 5,600 in 2026 – 2030 period.

Regarding wind power development, it is expected to be added for 1,200 MW in 2021- 2025 period and 4,000 MW in 2026-2030 period to a total capacity of 4,800 MW in current PDP, the wind power source will reach 6,030 MW by 2025 and 10,090 MW by 2030.

So, by 2025 the total solar and wind power generation will reach 36 TWh leading the rate of solar, wind and small hydropower to 25.5 % of the total electricity generating mix higher by 13 % than the rate of renewable power in Adjusted PDP VII while generation rate of coal thermal power reduces to 37.1 %, and the rates of gas thermal and hydropower remain unchanged as 19% and 18.2%.


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