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The First Workshop on National Energy Master Plan

 - On August 28, 2020, in Hanoi, Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) held the first workshop on the National Energy Master Plan (NEMP) for 2021-2030 period, with a vision up to 2050.

MOIT Deputy Minister Dang Hoang An speaking at the workshop.

This is the first time that Vietnam carries out NEMP  so this project will face many challenges in synchronizing and ensuring compatibility with other national master plans.

As well known, in February 2020 the Politburo of Party issued the Resolution No. 55-NQ / TW on "Strategic orientation on Vietnam national energy development to 2030, with a vision to 2045" which provides the general goals for energy development with the following strong and breakthrough targets and solutions:

1. Supplying enough energy for domestic demand to meet the goals of the 10-year socio-economic development strategy in 2021-2030 period and up to 2045.

2. Achieving the renewable energy proportion per total primary energy supply of 15 – 20% by 2030 and 25-30% by 2045.

3. Achieving the total final energy consumption of  105-115 million TOE by 2030 and160-190 million TOE in 2045; the primary energy intensity of 420-460 kgOE/1,000 USD GDP by 2030 and from 375-410 kgOE/ 1,000 USD GDP 

4. Building the smart and efficient power grid system with ability to connect with the regional power grids

5. The oil refineries to meet at least 70% of domestic demand; to ensure the strategic petroleum reserve level by at least 90 days of net import.

6. Achieving the energy saving rate to total end energy consumption compared to the business as usual (BAU) scenario by about 7% in 2030 and about 14% in 2045.

7. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions rate from energy activities compared to the BAU scenario by 15% in 2030 and 20% in 2045.

These new directions for the energy development in Resolution 55/TW are very important bases for the NEMP establishment.

MOIT assigned three Consultant Units under the Ministry as Institute of Energy (MOIT), Vietnam Petroleum Institute (Petrovietnam) and Mining Consultant Join Stock Company (Vinacomin) to establish and Department of Petroleum and Coal to manage and supervise this NEMP.

At the workshop, the consulting units presented 6 papers on the main contents of NEMP as: The current situation of energy supply and demand; the situation of implementing the projects on energy sub-sector development planning; difficulties, shortcomings and experience lessons in implementing the projects on the Power, Coal and Petroleum Development Planning recent time; energy resource potential; methodology for establishing Energy Master Plan; the long term economic development forecast and bases for energy demand forecast; method of making strategic environmental assessment (SEA) reports integrated in the Energy Master Plan.




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