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2018 Korea Energy Exhibition: A Great Festival of Industrial and National Energy Technology

 - The 2018 Korea Energy Exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy was the 38th largest ever event with a participation of the 6th National Museum of Renewable Energy.

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The delegation press the button to open the exhibition

This year, Korea's energy competition has significantly expanded its domestic participation program besides supporting exports and marketing activities for the small and medium-sized companies, and achieved the great successes in the industrial sector and participation of the people in the policy. In addition, Korea's energy competition has been upgraded to promote trade in the energy industry, which has been paid attention to so far, and to encourage public consensus and communication over energy policies.

The domestic small and medium-sized companies that participated in the Export Consultative Meeting have signed 10 export contracts worth 54.22 billion won with Chinese, Malaysian and Japanese companies.

The Export Consultative Council operated as a "customized and personalized service" provides the participants with the potential buyers in advance. Starting months before the exhibition, participants are searched to find buyers who want to buy and provide accommodation, air travel and interpretation services.

In addition, a total of 12 companies, including Hanwha QCells' solar power modules, Lopecodamager's train seats, and Isoltek's mobile energy self-contained house, have introduced their new products and technologies.

The People's Participation Hall was constructed for the purpose of public understanding, public policy promotion and experience, considering the heightened public's interest in the energy industry. NGO, association, and college students' group established special booths and introduced energy businesses and programs. In May, the proposals from various sectors such as NGO, association and university students were made up from the ideas through 'Program Proposals I Want to See in the Energy Zone' event. More than 1,000 visitors who attended the exhibition hall wore VR glasses and carried ultra-small electric vehicles.

The seminar 'energy Job Fair', which was held on the 3rd and 4th days, attracted about 300 people who were preparing to work in the energy system. Six development companies including Dongseo Power Corporation and 15 major institutions and businesses including Hanwha QCells participated in 'Energy Job Fair'. In addition, the talk concert held on the 3rd day, created the opportunity for jobseekers to hear from personnel managers and ask questions through vivid reviews from jobseekers, excellent jobs at the energy industry, and corporate PR timing.

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