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Vinacomin spends VND40-50 billion on science and technology

 - Vinacomin’s Science and Technology Department Deputy Head Kieu Kim Truc said that since 2009, Vinacomin has raised the science and technology funding to support research and projects in production and business activities.

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Thanks to the funding, Vinacomin has developed long-term key scientific and technological programs, contributing to resolving problems such as modernizing coal mines and mineral resources, developing screening technology and cleaner production, implementing energy-saving programs and improving management capacity. Thanks to financial resources of VND40-50 billion, Vinacomin’s scientific and technological activities have achieved greater efficiency.

Together with high requirements in coal mining, Vinacomin has focused on implementing scientific and technological activities in order to promote the modernization of coal mines and mineral resources and studying technological solutions to exploit pits and open-cast mines. These solutions have helped increase coal productivity. For example, in terms of the Thong Nhat Coal Company, thanks to the modernization of 11 pits and open-cast mines, coal productivity has increased from 40,000-50,000 tonnes to 80,000-120,000 tonnes per year.

Thanks to the funding, Vinacomin has also supported member units in developing screening technology, contributing to improving the value of coal and mineral resources. To improve product quality and better extract the country’s coal resources, the Institute of Mining Science and Technology-Vinacomin designed, constructed and coordinated with member units to put 15 coal screening lines into operation in the Uong Bi, Nui Beo, Mao Khe, Deo Nai, Coc Sau, Quang Hanh and Ha Lam coal companies. In addition, these technological solutions have helped reduce environmental pollution and occupational diseases.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s assessment, Vinacomin has well implemented the design, manufacturing and localization of mechanical products and electrical equipment. The Institute of Mining Science and Technology-Vinacomin has manufactured and installed monitoring systems for coal companies, contributing to improving management capacity and efficiency and ensuring labor safety. In addition, the institute has been capable of repairing and renovating the measurement control system for the Lao Cai Copper Smelter Plant and the Thai Nguyen Zinc Electrolysis Plant and installing measurement control system for the Nhan Co Aluminum Plant. Thanks to these control systems, coal companies have saved tens of billions of Vietnam dong per year.

Vinacomin’s member units have also focused on coal mining technology in special conditions, developing cleaner production model and implementing energy-saving programs. Kieu Kim Truc said that in the near future, Vinacomin will continue to use the funding to apply scientific and technological solutions to production and business activities, contributing to ensuring the company’s sustainable development.

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