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Vinacomin concentrates on coal production and sale

 - At the online hand over to the next shift conference on coal production management in September, Mr. Dang Thanh Hai, General Director of Vinacomin required its member units to concentrate at highest level on coal production and business, strive for achievement of over 8.5% year plan with a 3 million ton crude coal production and a 3 million ton commercial coal sale.

According to Vinacomin, due to unfavorable weather, the member units had to concentrate on storm and flood prevention, dealing with problems caused by the heavy rains, so the crude coal production and commercial coal sale of the group have not achieved as planned.

In August, the whole group produced 2 million tons of crude coal, sold 2.85 million tons of commercial coal (including 32 thousand tons for export and 2.7 million tons for domestic demand); produced 62 tons of tin ingots, 4,450 tons of pure copper ore, 1,030 tons of copper planks; generated and sold 544 million kWh of electricity.

Turnover (in VND billion) was 3,881 from coal, 516 from minerals, 715 from electricity, 258.6 from mechanical products and 286 from industrial explosive materials.

Law and order in the productive areas of the member units are relatively stable, situation of illegal mining has been basically controlled and prevented.

In September, the Group strives to produce 3 million tons of crude coal, sell 3 million tons of commercial coal (including export coal is 130,000 tons for export and 2.87 million tons for domestic demand); produce and trade in mineral, mechanical products, electricity,  industrial explosive materials and commercial services to achieve above 8.5% year plan.

To complete the above target, General Director Dang Thanh Hai required the functional departments to continue close cooperation with the member units in operating coal production and sale with a highest concentration on the spirit "Where control, there restore and where restore there produce”

General Director Mr. Dang Thanh Hai has directed the member units suffered heavy losses by the flood to establish the steering committee for overcoming problems in their area.

For the safety work, it is necessary to strengthen supervising and speeding up the production units in the group organize to develop the solutions and measures for safety; the pit mining units must pay a special attention to pit drainage; open-cast mining units must regularly inspect the dumping grounds for timely discovering the landslide dangers of dumping grounds near the residential areas.

General Director also steered to strengthen inspection and management control, loss prevention during coal mining, processing, transporting and selling; continue to implement measures to reduce production and management costs; strengthen to stick close on the State management agencies to deal with the petitions on coal prices, taxes, fees…


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