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Vinacomin to prepare coal sorts to meet market demand

 - At the meeting for online briefing coal production in March of 2017, Mr. Dang Thanh Hai, General Director steered the units of Vinacomin to take advantage of favorable weather in March to speed up coal production and sale, guarantee coal amount, quality and sorts to meet demand of customers;and decrease coal inventory level.


According to Vinacomin, in two beginning months of 2017, the group produced 5.65 million tons of the raw coal equal to 100% of the production in the same time of the last year and sold 5.15 million tons equal to 93% of the sale amount at the same time of the last year, of which 5.08 million ton for domestic market and 70 thousand tons for the export.

In other subsectors as minerals, industry explosive material, mechanics...the production was stable as planned. In particular, the alumina production was in creased higher  than amount at the same time of the last year due to Nhan Co Alumina plant having been just put into operation. The electricity generation was 1.36 billion kWh.

In March 2017, Vinacomin strives to produce 3.6 million tons of the raw coal, sell 3.5 million tons, of wich 3.35 million tons for domestic market and 150 thousand tons for export, dig 21  thousand meters of the pit; produce 80 thousand tons of alumina and 850 million kWh of electricity…

Vinacomin General Director steers units to take advantage of favorable weather in March to speed up production and sale of coal and alumina when markets are in demand. At the same time, the units have to seriously review and recognize safety activities, seriously implement regulations and rules, not let labor accidents and equipment iterative breakdowns happen.   


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